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Rolling through Bremen: Skate Night, Freimarkt and more...

Insider tips

Market with attractions in the center of Bremen

Rolling through Bremen: Skate Night, Freimarkt and more...

Insider Tips

Having only opened in 2022 Pentahotel Bremen is still one of our newest hotels. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to visit it yet? Well, we’re back with another edition of Insider Tips to let you know exactly why you need to rectify that as you can. Aside from being one of the most prominent cities in the north of Germany, Bremen is a vibrant, diverse, creative, and welcoming place well worthy of your time and consideration. We’ve already previously touched on how to live like a local during your trip, but what else is going on? Let’s dive into it!


First up, something we think is a pretty cool idea – Skate Nights in Bremen. This is something of a city tradition by now, occurring annually for the last 25 years. Basically, from May until September every first Tuesday of the month, for a few hours in the evening the roads are closed to cars and traffic and instead, they belong to hundreds of inline skaters. This is definitely a unique way of exploring somewhere new by night, and there is usually music to soundtrack your skate and refreshments available. On top of this, it’s FREE. For more info or to see pictures and videos you can visit their website with the link above. If you move fast and fancy a little spontaneity, there are still one or maybe two Skate Nights left this year. One last chance to make the most of our summer promotion maybe?


If you want a little bit more time to plan your trip, you could also think about heading to Bremen in October for the Bremer Freimarkt. Over 4 million people per year visit this 17-day festival that is packed full of rides, stalls, great food, and beer tents. Unsurprisingly, it is the biggest festival in the north of Germany. Perhaps maybe more of a surprise is that this year will be the 987th Freimarkt. Yeah, it started all the way back in 1035. Although it was just a market back then and we’re pretty sure Ferris wheels hadn’t been invented yet.


If that all sounds appealing but a little bit too full on for you, then you might be slightly better off giving the Osterwiese a go instead. It shares a lot of similarities to Bremer Freimarkt, but is a smaller and runs across 16 days in the spring. Plus being held for the first time in 1928 means it is still pretty “new” in comparison.


Moving away from seasonal events to something you can visit all year round, The GOP Varieté-Theater Bremen is a pretty interesting and impressive building, but what’s going on externally is just the tip of the iceberg… you probably don’t need to be a French speaker to pick up on the word Varieté and that truly is what the shows here are all about. Anything from magic, acrobatics, live music, and dance can pop up in a show at GOP, sometimes all of them together. As you can imagine this lends itself to quite a unique theatre experience. If that on its own isn’t enough, you’ll be seated at a table so you can enjoy drinks, snacks or even dinner during the performance.


Aside from the stuff listed above, Bremen is worth a visit for many reasons. It has a beautiful Altstadt and is a genuinely vibrant, creative, and welcoming city. We can’t offer you a hotel in Bremen city centre, but we can offer you a hotel in a peaceful and elegant neighbourhood with easy and fast transport access to the city centre. So why not get the best of both worlds?


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