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We stand for peace, always.


Today, we stand united with all those who condemn the war in Ukraine or indeed any other form of aggression. This includes our peace seeking colleagues around the world, some of whom have been heavily impacted by devastating decisions and actions made elsewhere.


Our doors are open for anyone with open hearts, regardless of their nationality. But let’s be clear: there can be no room for war.


Why do we speak up? Because when peace fails, trust is gone. And without trust, how can there be true hospitality?


Penta has started a series of measures:

• We offer paid Volunteer Days to our employees who want to take time off to help with the crisis

• We make available to our teams premium subscriptions to Headspace to strengthen their mental health

• We encourage donations to your local Red Cross branch, who can best advise on what is currently needed

White letters with the phrase we stand for peace and a heart on top of an orange background