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Level up your festival game for Reading ‘24

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Level up your festival game for Reading ‘24

Picture this… you are standing in the shower watching three days’ worth of mud, paint and probably sweat trickle down the plughole. The hot water from the waterfall above you soothes your aching body. What a weekend it’s been, one that you will never forget. But now you are tired, so very tired. You get dried off and collapse into the giant, cloud-like bed, complete with crisp, fresh sheets. This is a damn sight more comfortable than the ground from the inside of a tent. With your eyes heavy you know that you have to stay awake just a little longer; your dinner is being brought up to your room soon. After a tasty meal, you can finally shut your eyes and slip into a deep, relaxing, slumber…


It was a GREAT decision to book a night or two at Pentahotel Reading after Reading Festival 2024




Ok, let’s rewind a bit for a quick history lesson. Reading Festival is the southern half of one of the most beloved and longstanding festival weekends in the UK – Reading and Leeds. Tracing its origins all the way back to the 70s, it isn’t unfair to say that it’s an institution of live music in Britain. We could point out some of the massive artists that have headlined it over the years, but we’d probably end up writing more of an essay than a list trying to include everyone, so you’ll just have to make do with a hyperlink instead. That being said, given that we’ve already shown our love for Nirvana in the past, we have to point out that Reading is the location of one of their most iconic performances…


In recent years, the festival has broadened its palate and nowadays features performances from artists of all kinds of genres including pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance and electronica. We’ll even do you a favour and drop another hyperlink with the first wave of acts for this year that was recently announced so you can see for yourself.


For all its many positives, there is an element of the festival that is let’s say… an acquired taste. Camping isn’t for everyone, not least when you are relying on the good old British weather to stay warm and dry. So, here’s favour number 2 for you, a suggestion. If the tent life isn’t for you, stay in a hotel. Enjoy a shower and a nice comfy bed each night. Sure, it might be a small additional cost, but can you really put a price on a good night's sleep? If you need a hotel near Reading Festival, dare we say that you might not find many better than our very own Pentahotel Reading. Just over a mile away from the festival grounds, it’s even walking distance if you are feeling particularly motivated. Alternatively, you can always just drop by after the festival is wrapped up to live out the exact scenario we described above.


So, as it’s a new year and we all know about your resolution to make lots of fun plans and stay organised, we reckon it’s probably a good time to get this booked in… and if you can’t wait until August, why not check out one of our events that will be happening before then.

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