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Penta’s Short Guide to the Paris 2024 Olympics

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Olympics symbol in front of the eiffel tower

Penta’s Short Guide to the Paris 2024 Olympics

Slightly bafflingly, 3 years have now passed since Tokyo 2020 (yeah thanks for that Covid) and it is almost time once again for the grandest and most prestigious sporting spectacle on the planet. The Olympic and Paralympic Games return this summer and this time they are taking over Paris. Seeing as we are fortunate enough to have not one, but TWO hotels in the city of lights and love, we thought we’d put together this handy blog to help give you the lowdown…


The Olympics

The Summer Olympics run from July 26 when there is the massive opening ceremony, to August 11 when there is the massive closing ceremony. It will feature around 10,500 athletes from 206 countries competing in 329 events in 41 sports… phew, got that all?

If it sounds massive, that’s because it is. It is even being described as the biggest event ever organised in France. With events taking place in iconic stadiums like the Stade de France and the Park des Princes as well as at iconic city landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro, it might well just be.


The Paralympics

The Paralympics will follow hot on the tails of the Olympics, running from August 28 to September 8, 2024. Although smaller it’s no less impressive than its sibling, with over 4,400 athletes from 184 countries competing in 22 sports, showcasing the incredible abilities of Paralympians and inspiring multitudes of people all around the world.



It may seem a touch obvious, but the best advice we can give you here is to head directly to the official ticketing website of the games, they have loads of useful information there including what tickets are still available, prices, and resale info. There are still plenty of tickets on offer, but expect that to change over the coming months, especially for the more popular events.


Where to Stay

Now, on to the really important bit… You’ve got your tickets for the Breakdancing (no really, it is one of the events for the very first time this year) and you need somewhere to stay. Well luckily for you, both The Atrium and Pentahotel Paris, CDG have got everything you need for a successful stay in Paris. Modern and comfortable, both with bars and restaurants, and both with lots of lovely staff members, you will be able to kick back, relax and unwind after a long and tiring day of watching professional athletes competing in strenuous activities.

Just 15 minutes or so drive from the Stade de France (the Olympic Stadium) and with easy access into the city itself, both hotels are perfectly located and with the added bonus of a little distance from the massive crowds that you will find in the city centre.

You shouldn’t hang around too long though, before you know it the tickets will have sold out, the hotels will be fully booked, and July will be here before you know it. Get your trip sorted now!

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