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What’s Penta?

We started life in 1971 with a single vision: to combine style, substance and comfort to create a hotel like no other. Fifty years later, we now have over 20 hotels under the Penta brand across Europe and Asia. Our spaces are more than a place to rest your head, they are an expression and celebration of the neighbourhoods they belong to. They offer contemporary explorers and business travellers a home away from home. At the heart of every location sits the Pentalounge - a bar, cafe and reception hybrid -  a living room and a welcome to all.


Penta: Welcoming neighbours and explorers since 1971.

Friends hanging out, playing billiard and darts on a pentahotel lounge.

Some facts about Penta


Pints of beer are consumed per year


Penta burgers are eaten per year


Employees from 32 different nationalities within team Penta


We are an honest bunch, never failing to greet our guests with curiosity and kindness. We welcome everyone in the same way, there’s no hierarchy here. We’re open, ready to answer and ask questions.



We’re humble, assured in our knowledge, but never boastful. We have a warmth and familiarity. Wherever we are in the world, Penta hold the key to unlocking the best of the area and we are always happy to share what we know.



We find joy in the world around us. We enjoy a good laugh. Our sense of humour is subtle, understated but impactful. We find the fun.



Penta has strong morals, we believe in giving the best service, offering a comfortable and safe place to stay and giving back to our communities. We don’t preach, we don’t boast - but we try our best to leave things better than we found them.


Fads may come and go, but Penta is here to stay. We have seen it all, since we started in 1971: the good, the bad, and the downright funny. We are agile, but our foundations are strong. Our long experience makes us the perfect mentor for our clients and guests.



NOT a luxury design concept

We thought about white marble floors, but we’d keep spilling beer on them. We have been told minimalism looks money, but we’d rather have character.

NOT a home for racists and bigots

If things like someone’s skin color or what goes on in their bedroom occupy your mind, we suggest you get yourself a hobby, pack your suitcase and leave.

NOT a huge global chain

They say: go big or go home. We say: put some heart in it. Our hotels are real places rooted in real neighbourhoods, not a soulless box with a fancy logo slapped on it.

The road so far

The past

Since 1971 we have seen lots of things: the good, the bad and the downright funny. Click to check the tribute photoshoot to our birth decade.

The present

In 2021 we have undergone a brand refresh, futureproofing our company. No convertible cars were bought, so don’t call it a mid-life crisis. Click to find out more!

The future

How’s the road ahead? Maybe YOU know. Help us decide where we take hospitality next. Click to go to our Careers page.


At the heart of every Penta location sits the Pentalounge

Designed to reflect the many needs of our guests, the lounge can be made your own. Whether you're there to eat or drink, relax and read or play and connect, the lounge caters to everyone.

The Pentalounge at Pentahotel Moscow


Whatever you are looking for here - we have a suitable menu.


A man's and a woman's hands doing cheers with two halves of a toasted sandwich


Whether for business or pleasure, we create the perfect mix.



Receptionist or bartender? They are what you want them to be.

A man with luggage checking in at a pentahotel.

The faces behind Penta

illustration of the Penta Hotels Managing Director Rogier Braakmann


Managing Director

An illustration of the Penta Hotels COO


Chief of Operations and Commerce

Picture of jasmin a worker from pentahotels


Director of Strategic Projects


Chief of Intelligence

Picture of corrine a worker from pentahotels


Director of Finance Europe


Group Director of Finance & Control

Picture of Jeannette Director of People, Development & Culture


Director of People, Development & Culture


Director of Revenue, Distribution & Reservations

illustration of the Penta Hotels Director of Sales & (e-)Marketing Daniel Sasse


Director of Sales & (e-)Marketing


Head of Property


Head of Reservations


Head of Brand Marketing


Head of Digital

Woman crouching down looking at a phone

Let’s check out the Penta app

Kick-start your Penta experience even before you check-in. Download our new app and get the most out of your next stay. A proper gateway to all our services - just a fingertip away. This is just the beginning: we are about to roll out many great features in the coming months!

Learn more about the Penta world

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Companies who inspire us

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