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Penta’s Top 4 Must-See Museums in Bremen

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Universum in Bremen

Penta’s Top 4 Must-See Museums in Bremen

Bremen has a lot going for it; It’s picturesque, it’s cool but still laid back, and it has many of the things you’d want from a larger city but packaged into a smaller area that’s easy to navigate. But we’re not going to be focusing on any of those positives today, oh no, today is about history and culture, two things Bremen has in abundance, so to give you a little low down, we’ve put together this small guide to a few of our favourite museums:


Übersee Museum
First up is Übersee, which as you might have guessed translates as “overseas” in English. Given the name, you won’t be too surprised to hear that there isn’t a particular focus on Germany or Bremen here, but pretty much anything and everything else is fair game. It opened over 128 years ago, and according to its website, it has approximately 1.2 million objects. So there’s a good chance that you’ll probably find something interesting there.


Weserburg Museum
These chic old warehouses on the river Weser were both a tobacco factory and a coffee roasting facility before they became Bremen’s premier location for modern art. You’ll find not only a wide selection of thought-provoking pieces but also events, readings, screenings, and a range of cultural highlights. As a bonus, there’s also a restaurant/bar with a pleasant outdoor terraced area offering you a great spot on the water.


Kunsthalle Bremen
Just a short distance on the other side of the river, you’ll find Kunsthalle Bremen. With a truly diverse collection, there’s artwork from the Middle Ages right through up until the present day. It’s estimated that there are over 700 years’ worth of art history contained within these walls. So yeah, it’s safe to say it’s fairly extensive.


Universum Bremen
If you aren’t especially artistically inclined, perhaps Universum Bremen would be more to your taste. The spaceship-esque, giant floating pistachio you can see in the image above, is a science museum with over 300 exhibits, many of which are interactive or hands-on. Beyond the information and exploration elements, the outdoor area is also home to “Turm der Lüfte”, a 27-metre-high tower containing exhibits and offering great views of the city.

These are just four of the many museums that grace Bremen and believe us when we say there’s genuinely something for everyone there… just make sure that Pentahotel Bremen is the place to rest your head after absorbing all that new information!

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