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Liège: Like a local

Insider Tips

Bird's eye view of the city of Liège with focus on Coteaux de la Citadelle

Liège: Like a local

This month we bring you the best insider tips from… Pentahotel Liège! Sometimes called the “burning city" for its abundant culture and warm and festive atmosphere, Liège is the cultural centre and top destination of Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium). The city is well known for its folk festivals, architectural heritage and arts  (think concert halls, theatres, operas, museums) as well as night life and gastronomy. Don’t forget to try a Liège waffle - it is a totally different experience to those from other cities. 


1. The right spot for people watching.  

One very famous place in Liège is “le carré”. The lively Carré is one of the oldest districts of Liège and is located right in the city centre. It is a pedestrian zone composed of about ten streets including rue de la Casquette, rue des Célestines, rue Saint-Jean-en-Isle, rue Saint-Adalbert, rue du Pot d'Or, rue Tête-de-Bœuf, rue d'Amay, rue du Mouton Blanc, rue Pont d'Avroy, all bordered by the boulevard de la Sauvenière. Le Carré is home to many cafés, restaurants, shops, cinemas and the famous performance hall Le Forum. There is something here for everyone (and plenty of people to watch) all year round! 


2. Where to go to get away from the crowds.  

Parc de la Boverie is the perfect place for this. An open park next to the Dérivation canal, it is perfect for walks or simply sitting on the grass by the duck pond.  


3. Unmissable galleries or museums for any self-respecting art buff. 

After a wander around Parc de la Boverie you can of course head in to the museum located in the park, La Boverie, a fine arts museum and international exhibition centre. Or if contemporary art is more your thing, Espace 251 Nord is a Belgian art center housed within the former administrative site of a coal mine. Espace 251 Nord promotes contemporary art from both established and up-and-coming artists with a focus on local Belgian artists. 


4. The best local market and what to buy there 

Every Sunday we have “La Batte” which is the largest and oldest market in Belgium and a real institution in Liège. You will find fruits, vegetables, cheese, clothes, books, plants... and a picturesque, friendly atmosphere. It is located at docks: Van Hoegaerden, Roosevelt, sur Meuse, de la Ribuée, de la Goffe, de la Batte, de Maestricht and Saint-LÉonard as well as Rue de la Cité. A fantastic way to enjoy the docks along the Meuse river. 


5. Tips for a rainy day

Get Out Liege has multiple escape rooms and an “investigation” room for teams of 3-6 (the ideal group size is 4-5). It’s a fun way to kill an hour or two on a rainy day. 


6. What’s unique to your city?  

The Montagne de Bueren is a 374-step staircase built in the 19th century. If you’re feeling fit, head on up for a view over the city. And if not, the stairs themselves are still an impressive feat of engineering worth a look and a photo. 


7. Best local tip

For the coolest collection of local products check out Wattitude. Right in the heart of the city, Wattitude brings together more than 250 local creators, artists and producers and offers all products designed, created and/or manufactured in Wallonia. You can find fashion, accessories, design items, music, books, toys and of course gourmet specialties. 

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