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Brussels Airport insider tips

Insider tips

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Brussels Airport insider tips

Brussels is a multi-faceted city. It takes time to explore all its variety, but we have created a small selection of insider tips for you in case you want to hit town: Brussels like a local. If you can't make it to Brussels’ city center because of a lack of time or for any other reason, you can still have plenty of fun around our airport hotel Pentahotel Brussels Airport. Here are our insider tips:


I'm flying the next day and staying at the Penta Hotel Brussel Airport. How can I pass the time without going into town?

It might seem a bit silly at first, but isn’t it obvious to join a guided airport tour? After all, flying and everything that goes with it remains one of the world's greatest technological wonders. The tour takes you to places at Brussels Airport you'd otherwise never see – from the maintenance hangar to the control tower. Find out more


Where can I find special souvenirs?

Of course, we could advise you to check out the airport boutiques and duty-free shops, but this time let’s go with something less apparent. In the immediate vicinity of the Penta Hotel Brussels Airport, there are several supermarkets that sell many local specialities. If your mind is open, a "regular" supermarket visit can become an adventure, and the treasures you find will seem like unique rarities to your loved ones at home.


Which museum nearby is worth a visit?

The official railway museum of the National Society of Belgian Railways houses around 1200 objects, including the oldest locomotive in Europe. Special exhibitions are held regularly and various themed areas provide a nice variety for train fans.

Where to go to get away from the crowds? 

If you are looking for peace and nature, while at the same time staying close to the airport, we recommend the park and lake at Kasteel Jourdain. Getting there takes less than fifteen minutes by Uber or taxi. If you prefer to stretch your legs, you can also take a long walk through some quiet residential areas. 


Fun with friends?

You're travelling with friends, don't feel like going into town, but don't want to spend all day at the hotel either? Then check out the fun activities near the airport: R.A.V.E.N Zaventem offers virtual reality and escape rooms, the Brussel Flight Simulator makes you feel like a pilot, while Laser Magic lets you battle it out playfully in Belgium's largest laser tag park.

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