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This is Oleg

Faces of Penta

Turtle in green colours

This is Oleg

Our team at Pentahotel Prague had a chat with Oleg for this month’s edition of our Faces of Penta interview. We definitely share his passion for sweets at Penta and recommend all fellow sweet tooths out there try our Baked Cookie (we hope you don't mind our shameless self-plug – it really is delicious). Read on for the rest of the details.


1. Hi, let’s start with your name.

My name is Oleg Oblonsky.


2. What do you do for a living?

I run my own petrol station in my hometown in Russia.  


3. …and how would you describe that in simple words to your 6-year-old self?

Refill, pay and go.


4. Drink of choice?

I love drinking tea. It is healthy and relaxes me. 


5. Tell us something that you are passionate about.

I am passionate of trying different kind of sweets. I simply love sweets. Whenever I feel lonely, happy, excited, stressed – I always grab some sweets to put myself in better mood. 


6. What's your favourite thing about Penta?

My favourite about Penta would be the atmosphere. It does not have the typical hotel set-up. Penta is different, the atmosphere is so cosy and stylish. Penta is beautiful day and night, especially the lounge in the evening that just magically transforms into one of the most inviting area to hangout with friends while eating the famous penta burger and pairing it with some drinks that I could easily order from the bar.  


7. Last one: what’s your spirit animal?

Turtle. It is independent and peaceful. 

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