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Black and white pictures of artists for Leipzig Artists interviews

A quick interview with three of our favourite Leipzig based artists

If you’ve been to Pentahotel Leipzig recently, you’ll know that many of the walls there are adorned with some cool and interesting pieces of artwork. What you might not have known, is that many of them are created by local artists. In fact, for the entirety of this year, our hotel will be home to an exhibition housing the work of some of Leipzig’s finest. We thought it would be only right to give you the opportunity to get to know a few of them a little better. So, we caught up with Nori Blume, Philipp Kirschner and Tibor Hudak, and gave them a quickfire round of some (not very) hard-hitting questions: 

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Nori Blume, I’m a visual artist and have been working as a freelancer from Leipzig since 2018. 


Where do you consider "home"?
As a native of Leipzig, I feel very connected to this city. But truly home for me is when the people I love are close to me. 


Here is the menu from Pentahotel Leipzig, what are you taking?
An espresso martini because I've always wanted to try one.


If you could learn one skill instantly, what would it be?
Teleportation, to travel back and forth between Leipzig and other inspiring places in no time.


If you could only read one book, or watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be

None. The idea of limiting myself to just one book or one film for the rest of my life seems unimaginable. The variety of stories and worlds is too great to commit to just one title. 


Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Philipp Kirschner, I'm 34 years old, born in Leipzig and work as a photographer. 

Where do you consider "home"?   
Leipzig is my home. I am proud to live and work in such an up-and-coming city.  

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? Artistic or otherwise?  
Basically, my hometown is my biggest inspiration. I was encouraged to take photos by a friend from Frankfurt, who always inspired me with his pictures.  

What exciting projects do you have on the horizon?  
In addition to the latest exhibition at the Pentahotel Leipzig I have my own gallery in Halle, The Style Outlets, where I always present new photographs.

Here is the menu from Pentahotel Leipzig, What are you taking?  

Who are you and what do you do?  
My name is Tibor Hudak, I am a tattooist and artist from Leipzig

Where is your "home"?   
Where my favourite people are.  

What exciting projects do you have on the horizon?  
This year I also have another solo exhibition containing my current work. 

Who would play you in a biopic about your life?  
Ewan McGregor

Let's have a bit of internet nostalgia, are there more doors or wheels in the world?  
Wheels !!
So... now you know these three maestros a little better than you did before. If you really want to see what they are all about though, you should come to the official grand opening of their exhibition at Pentahotel Leipzig on January 26th. However, don’t stress too much if you can’t make it then, work by these three talents will be with us for the entirety of 2024. 

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