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A chat with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

Movers & Shakers

Black and white portrait of Jerogoen Oude Sogtoen, founder of Zenology

A chat with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

If you've ever been to a Pentahotel (we sure hope so!) you have undoubtedly fallen in love with the gorgeous Z E N O L O G Y sustainable amenities that we use. This month we talk to Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, founder of this fragrance driven lifestyle brand where each product has been expertly crafted to deliver a fully immersive olfactive experience, all with care for the environment. With a passion for nature and a commitment to making a difference, Jeroen (and his team at Z E N O L O G Y) live by the principles #careandconsider.


Penta: What do you think of garden gnomes?
Jeroen: Garden Gnomes?? ;-)

P: Where do you feel most at home? Where is your ‘hood?
J: Amsterdam is home for me. Amsterdam East’s harbor area in particular is my ‘hood’. I need water and views to be able to dream and relax, and to escape the busy, big-city vibe.

P: Tell us about a project that is keeping you busy in this period.
J: I’m constantly inspired and searching for ways to evolve and improve the brands I have created. Since the very beginning of Z E N O L O G Y, my aim was to be as green as possible. This means a constant search for what can be reached and what makes a great product. Additionally, I am always working on new scent experiences with our in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman. Creating and designing in general is my oxygen.

P: Who are your role models? 
J: I think the world needs a little bit more eccentricity and authenticity. My role models are those people (and things) that trigger me to go beyond the expected and out of my comfort zone. I’m bored with the global need for sameness and the global availability of products. I’m always in search of something unique and special, an emotion. In my opinion, that’s the real luxury in the long run.
Japan specifically inspires me to look further into this matter. Somehow, Japanese culture still enhances traditions, skills and crafts. Made with love and respect. Products with a soul and timeless presence. Also, nature is a role model for me since it created the most amazing species and materials. 

P: You have ten seconds to tell our readers why they should check you out.
J: I feel blessed to work with fragrances. To make people truly aware of their sense of smell and how to train their nose to go beyond liking, broadening their spectrum. The biggest compliment I am lucky enough to receive from people after a training is that I changed them somehow. My first line is often: “Forget what you like, let’s search for the things you didn’t know you would like.” Be open-minded and adventurous. Do your best to explore and enhance complexity, you might like it. Discover and smell our fragrances here.

P: Who is the last person you called?
J: My mother of course.

P: Pizza or burgers?
J: Pizza. The simpler the better, with the best ingredients Mother Nature can provide.

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