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What about Warrington?

Insider tips

An image of the river in Warrington with a church in the background

What about Warrington?

Insider Tips

With the historic, cultural, and sporting cities that are Liverpool and Manchester, it’s hardly surprising that the North West of England is one of the most frequently visited areas of the UK. What you might not have known though is that sandwiched almost exactly between these two heavyweight cities is a charming, industrial town that is deserving of some recognition of its own… Welcome to Warrington.

A while back we did dish out some tips on how to enjoy Warrington like a local, and whilst these tips are all still good, it just seemed like the right time to revisit for round two and hit you with some more information about why you should consider Warrington if you are thinking about heading to the North West.

Let’s start with an obvious one, purely because we have already sort of touched on it. Situated less than 20 miles from both Liverpool and Manchester, Warrington is a superbly connected town. Drivers can expect to be in either of these cities in less than 40 minutes and with public transport it takes around half an hour. Now, this is not the time or place to list the virtues or attractions of these places, but you should know that if you want to stay somewhere with convenient access but escape some of the chaos of the city centres, then Warrington is a great option.

It’s not just the big cities that are easily reached from Warrington though, in less than 45 minutes by car you can be in the stunning outdoors of the Peak District or you can head a similar sort of distance in the other direction and be at the best Zoo in the UK (and one of the best in the world!) in Chester Zoo.

Whilst these are all very impressive options, you can also get similar experiences without having to venture too far from Warrington at all. For animal lovers, we can definitely recommend a trip to the highly-rated Woodlands Alpaca Farm, where you can walk, feed and pet alpacas whilst also brushing up on your knowledge about these delightful animals. To get yourself out into nature without going to the Peak District, Lymm Dam is a beautiful and serene option, OR even closer to the Pentahotel is the also beautiful Birchwood Forest Park. If you are a sports nut, you don’t have to go to a neighbouring city to see an elite-level sports team at the top of their game… Warrington Wolves are a top Rugby League team and tickets are often very reasonably priced for their home games at The Halliwell Jones Stadium.

What about for a rainy day we hear you ask? Where are the indoor options? Well, that inquisitive and curious nature should put you in good stead for a trip to the incredibly well-reviewed Clue HQ Escape Rooms. With 5 different escape room games to play of varying difficulties, you can test if you and your partner(s) of choice really have what it takes to use your heads under pressure.

Let’s say hypothetically you don’t want to do any of the above, there is one more option that we can suggest for you… You could always hang out in a stylish hotel with a comfortable lounge, eating delicious food and drinking great drinks and chatting with the lovely staff - luckily for you, we know the perfect place for that! Hello Pentahotel Warrington, great to see you again!


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