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This is Jan

Faces of Penta

picture of a worker from pentahotel prague called jan

This is Jan

We continue Faces of Penta this month with another inspiring member of the community who is a regular face at Pentahotel Prague. Jan is the commander of Prague’s Fire Station and what he and his team do goes beyond just fighting fires. Helping people in need is at the forefront of what he does and a value that we are proud to share here at Penta.


1. Who is the last person you called?
One of my colleagues.


2. What do you do for a living?
I’m the commander of Prague’s Fire Station.


3. …and how would you describe that in simple words to your 6-year-old self?
The team and I respond to fires, traffic accidents and help people in need.


4. Tell us something that you are passionate about.
I enjoy new challenges and collaborating on projects at work. In my private life, family and travelling come first.


5. Who are your role models?
My wife.


6. Finally, what’s your drink of choice?

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