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This is Débora

Picture of Débora a worker from Pentahotels

It’s that time once more! For this edition of Faces of Penta, we’re off to sunny and beautiful Portugal. No, sadly we haven’t opened a new hotel, but rather we’re checking in with Débora our E‑Commerce Manager. The joys of remote work, eh?


Débora has been with us Penta since October 2022 (but previously worked with us...) and had the following to say about her time here so far:


“Working for Penta definitely keeps me on my toes. As any job does it occasionally has its challenging moments, but mostly it’s great and on top of that I have a really great team around me full of awesome people! Also, I love being able to work remotely which means I get to spend plenty of time on the beach!”


Débora you’re going to make us blush! Also, we’re definitely, totally not jealous of the whole beach thing... that was convincing right?! Anyway, if you want to find out more about our lovely E-Commerce Manager then watch the quickfire video here.

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