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The Commitments

Movie review

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The Commitments - Movie review

Ugh, February. Christmas memories are fading away, but we are still deep in the dark winter season. I think we all need a bit of a pick-me-up, right? Say no more - we have the perfect movie for you.


It’s been 30 years since “The Commitments” was released, but its raucous formula of self-deprecating humour, teenage passion and great live music hasn’t aged a day. The highest-grossing Irish movie of all time has quietly become a cult classic, and it’s looking downright gorgeous after its 1080p HD spruce-up from 2016.

The story is simple: Jimmy lives in the rough Northside of Dublin, and he’s a proper soul music fanatic. His dream: to set up and manage a band, and take it to the heights of stardom. Well you can’t say he’s unambitious. There’s one small issue though... Late 80s Dublin is not exactly 60s Detroit, and finding the right talent proves difficult. As a matter of fact, finding anyone even listening to soul is the first challenge. But Jimmy goes on undeterred, giving us an excuse to witness some hilarious casting sessions.

Eventually The Commitments are formed, with help from the mysterious but affable Joey “The Lips” Fagan, an unlikely soul music veteran who just happens to be in the neighbourhood. As the band quickly grows in notoriety thanks to its explosive stage performances and skilled vocalist, it also becomes more unruly and hard to manage. Things come to a head just before a famous music journalist is supposed to show up at a gig, and then… this is where we stop, we won’t spoil the fun.

If you are still feeling the blues by the time the closing credits roll in, you should probably get a puppy or something. Sláinte!

Still from: “The Commitments – OFFICIAL TRAILER”, uploaded by RLJE Films to

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