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Orville Peck

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This month’s Good Vibes review is going to be a little different to usual. We aren’t going to be looking back at a classic album that’s celebrating a landmark. We’re going to be looking forward. Well, sort of. Allow us to explain…


August 2, 2024, will see the release of Orville Peck’s highly anticipated 3rd album ‘Stampede’, which we are very much looking forward to. Mr Peck was kind enough to not keep the world waiting though and brought out an EP in May titled ‘Stampede: Vol. 1’, which is where we will be focusing our attention today.


For the unfamiliar, Orville Peck is a country musician who crashed into the public consciousness with his 2019 album ‘Pony’. He’s anything but your typical country artist though. He’s a gay cowboy from South Africa/Canada who performs and appears in public with his face hidden by a mask. If the character himself is already sounding mysterious and enigmatic, then this is reflected in his music. A former punk drummer, his unique blend of country encompasses a wide variety of other elements, genres and influences, including dream pop, post-punk and psychedelic rock to name but a few. He’s also known for his deep and rich baritone vocals and lyrical storytelling which often explore queer themes. Basically, he is anything but average, and uncompromisingly himself.


Now, getting back to ‘Stampede: Vol. 1’... This EP sees Orville Peck once again venturing into new territory. Not only does he pay homage to the songs and artists who influenced him through a series of covers, but he does so by bringing a variety of other artists on board as well. Every song on the EP is a duet. Peck teams up with the likes of country icon Willie Nelson, for the lead single “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other”. Upcoming Mexican-Italian pop star Bu Cuaron for the excellent “Miénteme” (which also sees Peck sing in Spanish for the first time) and pop icon Elton John, for a version of John’s “Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)”.


It’s the last of these three that has made it into our playlist this month, Penta Sounds Volume 40: Driving with the Top Down. Although in fairness, most of the songs from this EP could have made it in there. And that itself is one of the reasons why we’re such big fans of both ‘Stampede: Vol.1’ and Orville Peck in general. He has the ability to explore new areas and ideas whilst keeping his own signature style and remaining true to himself, something we think is incredibly inspiring.


If this EP is anything to go by, we’re in for one heck of a great record when the full album drops this summer. We understand If you can’t wait that long, but ‘Stampede: Vol.1’ should be enough to keep you ticking over for now.


Still credits: “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other” uploaded to YouTube by Orville Peck

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