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Meet Claudia

Faces of Penta

Meet Claudia

Faces of Penta shows you the real people staying at the Pentahotels across Europe. This month we caught up with Claudia at Pentahotel Wiesbaden. She is a big fan of Penta, and we are sure sold on her too ;)

1. Hi, let’s start with your name.. 

2. What do you do for a living?
Marketing Manager.

3. …and how would you describe that in simple words to your 6-year-old self?
I try to change the world we walk in using colourful posters and interesting things, and to convince people to buy something ;)

4. Drink of choice?

5. Tell us something that you are passionate about.
Jogging is a great hobby - in the forest of course.

6. What's your favourite thing about Penta?
It’s easy going. Pentahotel Wiesbaden is like my second home, from private problems to special wishes I can come to you guys with anything.

7. Last one: what’s your spirit animal? 
I suspect cat. I can be biting but also very lovable.

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