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Eisenach insider tips

Insider tips

old buildings of Eisenach

Eisenach insider tips

Pentahotel Eisenach is your gateway to exploring the almost one thousand-year-old Wartburg castle and more of Thuringia’s landmarks. Expect a friendly town with old buildings listed for preservation, the Thuringian Forest with its many trails, as well as museums in honour of famous personalities such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Martin Luther. Welcome to Eisenach!


1. Where to go to get away from the crowds.

Eisenach is surrounded by the fascinating landscape of the Thuringian Forest. Go on a hike or walk to soak up nature and enjoy the scenery. In the south of Eisenach, you will not only find the Wartburg, but also the Kartausgarden park and the imposing Burschenschaftsdenkmal monument. From here, you have an incredible view of the city, the forest, and the castle.


2. Unmissable galleries or museums for any self-respecting art buff?

The Thüringer Museum Eisenach with the Curt Elschner Gallery is housed in the impressive city palace on market square. If you are interested in paintings from the 19th and 20th century, this is the perfect place for you. Throughout the town, you can also find exhibitions on famous personalities who have lived here, such as Wagner, Luther and Bach.


3. The best local market and what to buy there.

The market square is the heart of Eisenach’s quaint Old Town. The surrounding buildings, such as city hall and the city castle, are listed for preservation . The square holds a lively market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings. Perfect for buying some fresh provisions for your next hike or a souvenir to take home. During Advent, the square is home to a cosy Christmas market.

4. Tips for a rainy day.

If at some point during your stay at Pentahotel Eisenach the weather doesn’t hold up, we recommend visiting our automobile museum awe (automotive world eisenach). Housed in a listed industrial building, the exhibition invites you on a tour of Germany’s automotive history.


5. Place you would take your grandma?

The Landestheater Eisenach has something for everyone. From the ballet to the symphonic orchestra, from modern to contemporary plays, this theatre offers you a great variety of high-quality performances. So book your tickets right away and head to our Pentahotel Eisenach!


6. What’s unique to your city? 

The number one must see in Eisenach is the Wartburg castle. So make sure to include it on your itinerary when travelling to our hotel. Once you have made it up to the castle on foot or by bus, it is worth exploring it from the inside and the outside, while enjoying the incredible view. Here, a thousand years of history come alive. 


7. What’s worth checking out in the region around the city?

The “dragon canyon” (Drachenschlucht) near Eisenach is an exciting and worthwhile destination. Starting in the south of Eisenach, you go on a hike through an increasingly narrow gorge with a brook murmuring below. The path takes you to Annatal valley and from here, it becomes a circular hike back into town. 

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