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A chat with Will Richards

Movers & Shakers

Portrait of Will Richards sitting at a desk.

A chat with Will Richards

Head into a Pentahotel during July or August and you’ll see our limited edition 70’s baseball tee available for purchase at only 20.00 €/£ for our Friends (these really are limited edition and once they’re gone they won’t be back - so head in there sooner rather than later). The badass artwork on these tees was created by the talented Will Richards, also known as Illwookie and he is befittingly our Mover & Shaker for this month.


Will is a UK based freelance illustrator specialising in a blend of bold and simple illustration, iconography and branding. With 10 years of international experience, he works with clothing brands, bands, restaurants (and more) to create logos, branding and merchandise using a combination of Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He also runs an apparel and homeware brand called Odd Lines, which explores his relationship with hiking, nature and his exploration of a more abstract style of artwork. Check out his website (it’s super cool) or find him on Instagram and read on for a sneak peek inside his mind.



No puppies were or will be harmed as a result of this interview.


Penta: What do you think of garden gnomes?

Will: I think they look like little legends, if I could I’d love to join their ranks and live the wholesome gnome life. 


P: Where do you feel most at home? Where is your ‘hood’?

W: I currently live in Brighton UK, which is where I feel most at home. I moved here for uni about 10 years ago and never left!


P: Tell us about a project that is keeping you busy in this period. 

W: I started painting to try and encourage myself to go out of my comfort zone while feeling quite uninspired due to the lack of human interaction and travel over the last year. I’m still learning but it’s super fun to get off the iPad and get a little messy.


P: Who are your role models? 

W: I look up to other artists like Cleon Peterson, who have really found their voice in their style of making work. I hope to find that one day!


P: You have ten seconds to tell our readers why they should check you out. 

W: Because if you don’t, a puppy will die. 


P: Who is the last person you called? 

W: The vets, my dog has allergies 


P: Pizza or burgers?  

W: Pizza 4eva

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