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A man smashing a mirror ball with a hammer

Do good and get up to 25% off!

Spring is here and the days are starting to get longer, brighter and warmer. It’s time to get outside and start exploring once more. To make that a little easier and more enticing for you, we’re offering a cool 15% discount on any reservation you make between now and 16 April 2023.


We’re not ashamed to say though, that we do give preferential treatment to our Friends. For them, we are stretching the discount to an even cooler 25% off. If you also want to be our Friend, it’s not too late to sign up for free here, and take advantage of the better deal. 


Now, you may be wondering how CO₂, giant disco balls, and a man with a big hammer factor into all of this... 

A construction area with two people standing outside

Let’s smash CO₂

It’s time to start thinking a little bigger than the standard spring clean around the house. Here at Penta we really like what the folks at ClimeWorks do to fight global warming and SMASH CO₂. 


For each reservation you make directly with us during this campaign, we will make a donation on your behalf which will be used to remove 1kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

That’s the equivalent of boiling 163 litres of water in a kettle or the same amount as the Penta disco ball that’s about to get smashed in the picture. 


The battle against global warming won’t be easy, and in addition to reducing our emissions drastically, we should do our best to remove carbon dioxide that’s already in the atmosphere. With the help of organisations like ClimeWorks, whose innovative machines suck out excess CO₂ from the air, we can be proactive and strike back!