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Meet Christoph

Faces of Penta

Black and white shot of a lion.

Meet Christoph

This month takes us to the beautiful Pentahotel Vienna where we sat down with Christoph. He served up some ace answers and made quite a racket in the Pentalounge (can you guess what his passion is yet?)… Read on to find out what his drink of choice, how he earns a living, and more. 


1. Hi, let’s start with your name.

Christoph Pieler.


2. What do you do for a living?

I’m a Sales Manager for Austria and Switzerland for a veterinary pharmaceutical company.


3. …and how would you describe that in simple words to your 6-year-old self?

I sell medication for animals to the people who are healing animals.


4. Drink of choice?



5. Tell us something that you are passionate about.

Tennis has been my passion since I was a child.


6. What's your favourite thing about Penta?

The people who are working there, the kindness, the friendliness, the feeling of being there. It’s like coming home every time.


7. Last one: what’s your spirit animal?

The lion!

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