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Braunschweig: Like a local

Insider Tips

Multi-coloured artwork on a wall

Braunschweig: Like a local

Braunschweig (“Brunswick” for the English speakers amongst us) is a gorgeous city in northern Germany, with a long illustrious history and a passion for lions (that’s a story for another day…). Our local team has joined forces to bring you the ultimate 7 tips to experience the city like a local.


1. Where to go to get away from the crowds.

A nice long walk along the banks of the Oker river, enjoying nature right in the middle of the city. It’s a great idea at any time of the year!

2. Any indie shops you recommend?

Zweimalschön” is a lovely second-hand shop. You never know what you will find, but you know it’s for a good cause. Guilt-free shopping J

3. Unmissable galleries or museums for any self-respecting art buff?

The “Herzog Anton Ulrich” Museum, locally known as HAUM, is always worth a visit. And although technically not a gallery, the colourful Rizzi Haus is a work of art in itself. The other face of Braunschweig!

4. The best local market and what to buy there.

We certainly have a weekly market, but you should also check out the small “Heimatrausch“ delicatessen shop. This is the place to go if you want to find the most unique products from the area.

5. Tips for a rainy day.

Head over to “Komödie” in the Old Town for quality theatre, comedy and much more.

6. What’s worth checking out in the region around the city?

Wolfenbüttel is only 20 minutes away from Braunschweig: you MUST visit it! A proper jump back to the Middle Ages. Get your fill of traditional “Fachwerk” houses J

7. Best local tip: something only residents would know.

Once a month on a Saturday, quality live music and crowd watching at “Die Apotheke” in Schuhstraße.

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