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Some call it social distancing, we say the “VIP rock star treatment” – either way it seems we all need a bit more personal space these days. Providing safe and clean environments for our guests and crew has always been a top priority for us – even more so today. Our hotels have worked hard on overhauling the guest journey throughout the building, ensuring maximum safety without having to sacrifice that special fun touch that makes Penta so special. The result is our new stringent hygiene procedures, designed with the help of international experts. And this is how we can make it work, between us.



The VIP Rock Star Treatment

Social distancing measures are in place to help you. From revised routes, comfortable spacing in the Pentalounge, we have taken care of it all. No more fans cornering you for an autograph, or band mates stealing your chips.

Clean Hard, Play Harder

Rooms are deep cleaned after each stay, as usual. And now up to our even better standards. Your room is your space: even housekeeping aren’t allowed in. Speak to reception if you want to book an extra room clean.

Certified to Impress

All staff undergo a detailed training before they can set foot again at the hotels. They learn all they need to know to ensure maximum safety for you and their colleagues.

Nobody Should Ever Queue For A Gym

Our gyms are open too. With a massive improvement: reserve now your time-slot, and be sure there will be no crowding. No excuses to work up that sweat…

Gamers, Start Warming Up

Your idea of sport is billiards rather than running on a treadmill? We have you covered. All our games and social corners are ready to welcome back the players. Surfaces and equipment are thoroughly disinfected throughout the day.

Card is King, Cash is Out

You will agree that cleaning money is a bit tricky (we are not the money laundering types you see in an Ozark episode!). So that’s why we decided to go cashless. Tap! – and you are done, beer is on its way faster than it would have taken you to count the change.

Penta Hotels - Book & Stay App

Picture this: you chilling on a comfy Penta bed and ordering our famous burger for delivery straight to your room. With our new app you can do this and more: book your next stay, reserve your gym slot, plan your day in the city with our insider tips... all while practicing social distancing.