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This winter Penta is warming up our communities

Press release

This winter Penta is warming up our communities

Frankfurt, Germany - 14 December 2020

Socks are the best gift this season

Operating a hotel in times of pandemic and travel restrictions is far from simple. Still, Penta Hotels stay true to their promise to care about their neighbourhoods and continue giving to those less fortunate with this winter’s #PENTAGIVES activity. The international hotel brand will gift over 2000 pairs of limited edition socks to its clients and business partners, and at the same time, donate the same amount of durable, high-quality antibacterial socks to homeless people in their destinations.

“Who would have thought, the humble sock is the number one gift this season?” says Rogier Braakman, managing director at Penta Hotels. Rogier adds: “Jokes aside, I am pleased that this year’s gift to our clients and partners serves two purposes: they dress our guests in style and they help out those who are forced to spend their lives on the cold streets.” In conversation with their charity partners, Penta found that the number of people without permanent shelter has increased dramatically – partly due to the impact of COVID-19. Socks are one of the most needed items for homeless people because socks from second hand donations are not usually accepted for hygienic reasons.

To turn this idea into practice, Penta teamed up with the ethical start-up Stand4Socks. Their visionary founder Josh Turner says: “We were wondering: most of us wear socks, everyday... and if each pair could have a positive impact, then why can't socks change the world? Homelessness is currently our core cause, and it’s a complex issue to address. We donate specially engineered socks to organisations who can get our products to those who need them most. With the #PENTAGIVES activation we support local people at a time of heightened need.”

The hotel group is not new to this kind of community-focused initiative. In 2019, a similar campaign ran under the #PENTAGIVES banner, but with a focus on fundraising and donating soups. For each soup sold at any of the Pentahotels, the company would cook and donate one.

Rogier Braakman states: “We value and support social enterprises like Stand4Socks and our charity partners. Please everyone, 2020 is still here and there is still loads of work to be done. Team up in your neighbourhood and switch on the happiness. We strongly believe that when you do good, you feel good too. We wish all of you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year. Stay warm and stay safe!”

Click here for a list of all local charity partners: https://www.pentahotels.com/docs/pentagives_2020.pdf.