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Live Music with Gavin Munn

guy playing a guitar

Gavin started life as a professional Musician in 1997. He worked as a session singer at various studios throughout London, including Mill Hill Studios, Lansdowne Studios and Animal Farm.

His ability to adapt his voice to suit many different styles of music made Gavin a regular on TV and Radio commercials. Rock, Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Swing ... you name it then Gavin will sing it!

Through his ability to "mimic" voices (and the fact he is from the midlands), Gavin took on the role of Robbie Williams in the acclaimed tribute band "Probably Robbie", even appearing as Robbie in the TV Commercial for his album "Sing When You're Winning", prompting Robbie's own manager to claim ... "he's just like Robert!"

He went on to perform all over the world, including Bahrain, Mexico, USA, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Greece, France to name but a few. Gavin even won the poll for the best tribute act in the UK in 1999!

Entry: FREE
Time: 19:00