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More than a bar, and definitely not a lobby, the Pentalounge is your home from home. A living room of your own making. Settle down with a good book, enjoy the company of new friends, or challenge yourself with a game or two. Want to watch live sports? We have Sky/DAZN so we've got you covered there too, with loads of different sports and fixtures. Whatever it is you need to unwind, whatever makes your night in, feel like a night out, look no further. Whether you're a neighbour looking for a chat or a guest ready for a nightcap, welcome to your happy place.

Two hands from a woman and a man making a toast with two beer glasses at a bar in rostock

Golden hour

The road ends here

The bartender is waiting, and you can stay over for the night. Some of the best stories start like this. So, are you a whisky gal or a gin connoisseur? Or maybe you just want to share a few beers with the mates. All welcome.

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A cold drink in a whiskey glass with a slice of orange at Penta Hotel restaurant
Cosy bar in the hotel in Rostock with wooden furnishings




Schwaansche Straße 6

18055 Rostock


Pink cablephone on pink ground for reservations at the Penta Hotel bar in Rostock

Wanna steal some recipes?

Difficulty level: EASY

Penta's Bitter Bull

1. Mix spirits and lime juice inside the tumbler...

Difficulty level: EASY

Penta's Espresso Martini

1. Add all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously....

Difficulty level: EASY

Penta's Old Fashioned

1. Place the sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass, saturate it with bitters and add a dash of water...