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Take a seat - penta Ipswich has totally exible seating arrangements for your business gathering. With two meeting rooms to choose from, we can accommodate up to 40 people easily. We‘ve got all the high-tech spec you need to give your event the perfect backdrop - and a can-do attitude comes as standard. Enlist an outstanding team today.


  • Overhead projector, beamer, laser pointer
  • Screen, flip chart, flip chart paper
  • Lectern
  • Pin boards, paper
  • Writing pads, pencils
  • Marker pens, felt-tipped pens
  • Extension cables, multiple power socket outlets
  • Moderator’s cases including presentation cards,
    DVD player, CD player, VHS recorder, recording devices and television
  • Microphone system
  • Microphone system, television
  • Dance floor
  • Fax machine, photocopier, printer
  • Film projector, video camera, tape recorder, dictation machine
  • Stage, catwalk, podium

'Penta' package from £39.00

  • Arrival tea & coffee treats

  • Main meeting room rental

  • Relaxing morning break

  • Quick Lunch

  • Relaxing afternoon break

  • Afternoon tea & coffee pick me ups

  • Equipment (conference kit, flipchart, pinboard, notepads & pencils, screen)

  • Unlimited mineral water in the main meeting room and during lunch


'Penta Plus' package from £49.00

  • Preparation of the main conference room

  • Relaxation break in the morning

  • The midday meal in the form of a 3 course menu or a lunch buffet with the choice of 3 main dishes (at least 30 people)

  • Relaxation break in the afternoon

  • Standard technology (moderator’s case, flip chart, pin board, writing implements, writing pads, projection screen)

  • Unlimited mineral water and juices in the conference room and at lunch

  • Unlimited soft drinks during conference breaks and at lunch

  • Beamer

  • Laser pointer

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