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Meet Matthew

Faces of Penta

Green and pink artwork.

Meet Matthew

Who are the real Penta guests? What makes them tick, and if you meet one, which drink should you get them to start a good chat? And why did we choose a picture of a lion?! So many questions. Let’s kick off this journey in Chemnitz, but next time it could be… YOU.


1. Hi, let’s start with your name.

2. What do you do for a living?
Career Consultant / CV Consultant / Interview Coach.

3. …and how would you describe that in simple words to your 6-year-old self?
I help people to grow in their profession.

4. Drink of choice?
Gin & Tonic.

5. Tell us something that you are passionate about.
I like jogging and doing yoga!

6. What's your favourite thing about Penta?
The lifestyle, the team and that special human touch.

7. Last one: what’s your spirit animal?
The lion

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