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During this festive season, Team Penta from around the world is partnering up with charitable organisations to LIVE THE GIVE.

From December 1 to 24, we unveil daily stories on what we’re doing to connect and serve in our neighbourhoods.


Support us now to give more in 2019! For every Like, Share, Hashtag on #PENTAGIVES or e-newsletter Sign-Up from you, our team will donate 5 minutes to participate in further social projects next year. 


We give - do you? More information about the individual projects at #PENTAGIVES or @pentahotels on Instagram.

December 1 Berlin
Pentahotel Berlin

#PENTAGIVES to Kinderschutzengel e.V. & Kindertreff Fairness

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December 2 Ipswich
Pentahotel Ipswich

#PENTAGIVES to Inspire Suffolk

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December 3 Braunschweig
Pentahotel Braunschweig

#PENTAGIVES to Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

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December 4 Kassel Eisenach
Pentahotel Kassel & Eisenach

#PENTAGIVES to Star Care e.V.

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December 5 Wiesbaden
Pentahotel Wiesbaden

#PENTAGIVES to Weisser Ring e.V.

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December 6 Reading

#PENTAGIVES to Launchpad Reading

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December 7 Brussels
Pentahotel Brussels

#PENTAGIVES to Resto du Coeur of Brussels

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December 8 Leuven Liege
Pentahotel Leuven & Liege

#PENTAGIVES to Resto du Coeur of Liege

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December 9 Chemnitz
Pentahotel Chemnitz

#PENTAGIVES to Terra Nova Campus

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December 10 Chengdu
Pentahotel Chengdu

#PENTAGIVES to City Cleaners - praised as "City Yellow Roses"

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December 11 Warrington
pentahotel Warrington

#PENTAGIVES an St. Rocco's Hospice Volunteers

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December 12 Inverness
Pentahotel Inverness

#PENTAGIVES to Oxygen Works

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December 13 Hong Kong
Pentahotel Hong Kong

#PENTAGIVES to senior citizens of Salvation Army

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December 14 Moscow
Pentahotel Moscow

#PENTAGIVES to Dog Shelter in Moscow

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December 15 Derby
pentahotel derby

#PENTAGIVES to Padley Group Volunteers

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December 16 Shanghai Beijing
Pentahotel Shanghai & Beijing

#PENTAGIVES to City Cleaners in Beijing & Adream Foundation in Shanghai

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December 17 Vienna
pentahotel vienna

#PENTAGIVES to Integrationshaus Wien

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December 18 Prague
Pentahotel prague

#PENTAGIVES to Armáda Spásy - the Czech Salvation Army

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December 19 Birmingham
Pentahotel Birmingham

#PENTAGIVES to St. Basils in Birmingham

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December 20 Paris
Pentahotel Paris

#PENTAGIVES to Annivoeux

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December 21 Rostock
pentahotel Rostock

#PENTAGIVES to Rostock Charity Club

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December 22 Leipzig
Pentahotel Leipzig

#PENTAGIVES to Strassenkinder e.V.

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December 23 Gera
Pentahotel Gera

#PENTAGIVES to Jumpers Gera

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December 24 Central Office Frankfurt
Central Office Frankfurt

#PENTAGIVES to Johanniter Frankfurt

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Merry Christmas

& Happy new year

This is only the beginning.
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