Don't just check into a hotel, check into the neighbourhood.

Don't just check into a hotel, check into the neighbourhood.
The world's a jigsaw of culture and life. Bring your piece along. You'll fit in perfectly.

What you see is what you get, and what you get is wonderful.


Despite the strong anticipated growth, at pentahotels we ensure that each hotel receives all the necessary support and attention from the corporate office and we offer the following advantages to our partners:
- direct involvement with senior management: consultation and engagement on a one-to-one basis
- versatile and flexible: we understand the importance of flexibility to owners and ensure we are versatile enough to exceed their expectations
- aligned interests: we are a fast-growing and dynamic company, committed to building win-win relationships 
- efficient organisational structure: our clear, transparent structure ensures we have open and responsive communications with all our partners
- strong network: extensive sales and marketing representations in Europe and Asia
- development expertise: strong development expertise – we are also owners/developers through our parent company, New World Development, and we understand owners’ needs and business objectives.